About us

Who we are

Have you ever experienced that grim sensation when your rush out to your car in the morning only to discover that it won't start? Did you ever gotten stuck in a supermarket’s parking lot or on the side of the highway waiting for someone to come and tow your car?

Best-case scenario is that you have lost your means of transportation, and now you have to deal with all the logistics of having the vehicle towed to a repair shop. Then you need to find your way back home or to the office.

That’s where Fast Pit steps in!

In today's hectic and fast paced world, we can help you not only by fixing your automotive ills, but also by allowing you to remain at home or the office while we do the work.
We have the expertise and experience in the automotive repair industry to service and maintain your car.We are also the only company in the UAE to perform high-quality on-site maintenance and mobility services.

Fast Pit Auto Spare Parts & Component Trading


  • 01

    You call us or book through our website.
  • 02

    We take your car’s VIN number(chasse number).
  • 03

    We source out all the parts for your car in our mobility van.
  • 04

    We perform a full check up on you vehicle.
  • 05

    We fix your problem.

Why hire Fast Pit?

Our Expertise

Our management and technical team have over 12 years of experience in the industry. Our expertise allows us to run the proper diagnostics your vehicle needs and reset it to its original settings.

Helps You Save Time

FastPit onsite car servicing lets you cross out the trip to the dealership from your to-do list. With our highly experienced and expert mechanics reaching you in their own vehicle along with all the needed tools and parts, you can use the time you save for spending time with family, running other errands or growing your business.

Helps Establish Trust

Most car owners are often skeptical about leaving their vehicles at the dealership because they would rather keep a watchful eye all the time. With our on site car servicing, you can actually watch the experts fixing any problem with your car as well as receive a detailed report about all the work done.

Helps Maintain Schedule

You don’t have to delay your regular car service due to shortage of time or simply even laziness. One call to us and our onsite car maintenance team will be there wherever you are to ensure your vehicle is in its best condition.

Make sure you never miss a regular car service or put off your car repairs until it seems like a more convenient time. You don’t have to work around your mechanic’s schedule or organize alternative transport for the day because Fast Pit will work around you, wherever you are.

Our fully qualified mechanics arrive at your chosen destination and time completely equipped to handle a full service or quality repair that’s finished on time and within budget. Booking is fast and easy using our online booking system above providing you with a time for your mechanic immediately.

Save money on towing costs for breakdowns with Fast Pit and let the repair come to you. Don’t change your day to suit your mechanic or dealership!

  • We have a team of qualified mechanics with 10+ years of experience
  • We only use original and OEM parts & oils
  • We offer a 12 month/20000km Warranty
  • We provide itemized quotes and prices before work begins
  • Anti-Theft
  • Anti-Starter

Our repairs range from simple maintenance repairs, part replacements as well as purely diagnostic services - all from the convenience of your driveway. All our vans are suitably equipped for most car repair work and a scan tool. We can repair all major makes and models of sedans, 4WD vehicles, hatches and light commercials.

What makes us different?
  • Our on-site service saves you time, taxi fares and towing fees
  • We come to you anywhere you are in Dubai.
  • Putting you in control of your repair costs by offering itemized quotes before any work commences.
  • Using only high-quality original or OEM parts.
  • Offering you the same services as any mechanic or car dealership at competitive prices.
  • Furnishing our vans with the full range of tools, parts and equipment needed to perform a wide variety of onsite repairs.
  • Allowing you to monitor what work is being done on your car.
  • Working 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends.
  • Employing skilled mechanics to take care of your car maintenance and repairs usually within 4-6 hours of your booking.
  • Providing value for money by keeping our prices fair and transparent.
  • Providing you full reporting on you car maintenance and service needs.

We make your life easy by coming to you wherever you are, even on weekends and in the evenings.